Plan A Training Consultants
Effective Training By Design

Course Development

Don't have staff to design and develop your own training needs?

We offer a comprehensive design and development service. We will use a formal course design and development process to evaluate the training needs of your business and staff, and then develop training courses tailored specifically to those needs

During this process we will use your internal subject matter experts to provide the necessary raw information

This is what differentiates our service from "off-the-shelf" generic training - we firmly believe that all training should be customized to your specific job conditions. We will use your business processes, procecedures, and realistic scenarios to provide the specific "application" of the information in the context of your business


Your staff will now be training to do their job better and safer - not a generic job!

Here is something else that differentiates Plan A Training Consultants from the rest - the training materials we develop are your materials. They have your logo and other corporate identifiers, and you are free to reproduce them again and again to meet an ongoing training need

If your needs, processes, or product change, we will be happy to work with you to update the materials and keep the training current